Heritage Chair Caning, Inc.

Heritage Furniture Restoration and Chair Caning

About Us


....Caning is an art that started in the 1800's. My grandfather, Tom O'Kelley started caning some 40 years ago. Before he died he was able to teach me how to do all the different types of caning.


....I began caning chairs in 1987 and have also learned how to completely restore furniture through the help and advice of my father, James O'Kelley, and even a few books. The best teacher of course is experience and we have had lots of challenging pieces. ....Our family has been dedicated for over 20 years in building a relationship with our customers and associates to making our business a personal and friendly experience.


Custom Work

Many times customers come to us with special requirements. Sometimes it is to refinish or repair an item of furniture. Sometimes it is to build a piece of furniture for a special purpose.


The entertainment cabinet shown here was designed and build specifically for use with the television set shown. The customer could not find cabinetry anywhere that would work so they came to us. We designed it and built it to their specifications.


Then there are times when clients have materials they would like to have incorporated into a piece that have some special significance. A client asked if we could do something with neck ties. We said, "Yes!".


The seat on this stool was "caned" using those neck ties that belonged to someone special.


So, if you have a piece of furniture that needs repairing or restoring or an idea for a special piece of furniture you would like built, contact Heritage Chair Caning. We can do the job!